Tolls and taxes:
reduce administrative effort!

The European motorway network is growing rapidly – also across borders. The rules governing its use are constantly changing. The new technologies on the horizon need to be integrated in such a way that transport and travel companies can rely on them and use them cost-effectively. There is no sign that all this development and constant change will lead to greater compatibility.

For you as a transport and travel company, this means: You must continually adapt to new toll, tax, and technology conditions.
Specifically: costs will increase, as will the bureaucratic burden on your staff. The constant challenges that preoccupy you, keep you from your actual remit of transporting goods and people quickly and safely.

Jara supports you in taking control of these tasks, appreciably reducing the burden on your staff. Take advantage of our comprehensive portfolio of services:

  • Individual, needs-based solutions for tolls and taxes in Europe
  • Use of the latest technologies
  • Attractive conditions with substantial discounts on the standard public rates
  • Regular billing with transparent collective invoices

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