Reach your goal safely
with our bespoke services

As a freight transport or passenger transport expert, you have only one goal: to bring goods and people quickly and safely to their destination, nationally or across Europe. To plan, organise and achieve this successfully requires a huge amount of specialist knowledge and time. Meanwhile, consultancy and administrative expenses are increasing with the constant introduction of new and increasingly complex legal regulations, which also differ from country to country.

Result: your costs rise, the risk of errors increases, and your staff have less and less time for getting their actual job done. You are also left little room for developing innovative ideas that will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Protect your valuable
resources: with Jara

Play it safe, so that every aspect of your passenger and goods transports goes by the book. You will give yourself and your staff more time for what matters most: actively promoting the core business of your company.

All Jara Services for travel and haulage companies at a glance:

Before transportation

Entry in the waste transports register

Permits for special transports

During transportation

Tolls and heavy vehicle duties

Special services, advice and fuel

After transportation

VAT refunds

Fuel tax refunds