• Jara – breaking boundaries for you

    Jara helps transport and travel companies as well as private individuals and businesses get to their destination reliably anywhere in Europe. Our services relieve you of the burden of time-consuming paperwork and ensure that you have full control of your vehicles and fleet. You’ll save a lot of time and money. It’s easy!

Tolls and duties

Transparent collective invoices give you complete confidence that the tolls and taxes required by every country across Europe have been paid.

Fuel cards

Take advantage of our individual fuel cards with state-of-the-art security and digital TRX transmission. We also procure favourable fuel prices throughout Europe.

VAT refunds

Count on smooth, Europe-wide VAT refunds for EU companies and rebates on VAT through tax representation.

Fuel tax refunds

Take advantage of the fuel tax refunds available in various countries.

Permits for special transports

Rely on our services for permit applications and the management of special transports in Italy.

Entry in the waste transports register

Enter the National Register of Transboundary Waste Transports category 6.